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How To Plan Your Virtual Zoom Bridal Shower

So you're still planning to host a virtual bridal shower but not sure where to start? 

Well you're in the right place because here's your step by step guide to planning your virtual bridal shower...and if you're not planning it and a MOH/Sister/Mom/Mominlaw/Sisterinlaw are planning it, then please feel free to share our blog to the appropriate person in charge! 

#1 Zoom

First, download and select the larger group option (it does cost money but you can always use it in the future) and be sure to download it to your desktop if you haven't already.

Zoom is the best virtual way to host a bridal shower and be sure to schedule the Zoom meeting right when you download it so you can get the personalized code for the meeting. Once you have the code (and maybe even password) add it to your invitation and/or Facebook group you've made for this occasion. (Facebook Group is #4 if you were wondering what I was writing about?)

Also make sure to familiarize yourself with zoom before the day of event so that the volume levels and microphone work.

#2 Pick A Theme

Parties are so much more fun when there's a theme! Pick a theme that's fun and quirky and can be incorporated in the most budget friendly way!

#3 Registry

Create your registry and be sure to add to your is a personal favorite but you can always add your wedding registry as well (top two favorites are - has a honeymoon fund option and The And yes people still get your a present even if it's on zoom.

#4 Invitations / Favors

Who is invited? "Traditionally" females are typically invited but honestly, this is a virtual bridal shower, we're in 2020 with a global pandemic, bunk the traditions and do what makes YOU happy already. 

Invitations can either be sent online ( or  are awesome) or a tangible invitation from or . Be sure to include: Date, Time, Zoom link, Registry, Theme details. Always have an RSVP due date, I recommend at least one week beforehand. 

Once you have RSVPS you can send them your games and even favors...

So BIG question I receive all of the time is if you should send a favor? Well, that's up to you. There are fun and environmentally friendly ways of incorporating favors (click link) or you don't have to send one at's totally up to you. Remember that postage is based on weight and sometimes it's always better to maybe make a donation in the name of the attendee to save or you can send a themed favor with your invitation and why not your game as well?

#5 Facebook Group

I've had clients start a Facebook group and invite all of the bridal shower invitees to the group so they can have all of their questions answered on there as well as upload any games you'd like to add.

#6 Games

Be sure to put together games beforehand and send to everyone either via email or through facebook group. You can even send the games in the mail if that works for you! 

Click Here For Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Day Of The Event!

On the day of the event, be sure to display all of the gifts sent to you and incorporate the theme with your backdrop. Be sure to start the zoom call at least 15 minute before the actual start time so that not everyone is trying to get on at the same time.

Typically the beginning of the bridal shower entails an MC or the person who put together the event, let's call the MC "mom." So Mom would introduce herself as well as the bride to be and then asks everyone their name and how they know the bride to be and a fun question (like most fond memory with bride to be). This typically has a better flow if mom calls out the next person to introduce herself/himself and mutes everyone else so no background noises interrupt.

Once everyone has introduced themself (hopefully with a drink), then you can jump into games. There are a ton of games that can be played but key is to make sure to communicate to the attendees where to find the games (either in facebook group or email) or you could play over zoom. We once had a bride say she played the game "who knows the bride" with "or" questions (for example cookies or ice cream) and they had the guest hold up one or two fingers so that everyone could have a chance to speak. 

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