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Pinterest: Friend or Foe?


After working from wee early mornings to late nights in this industry, I’ve realized ladies and brides alike tend to think they are being:

"indecisive" , but they are not!

I, of all people, completely understand why it’s so hard to make a decision when forums like Pinterest and even the Internet constantly jabs you with newer and brighter ideas every single day! My advice to you is pick a theme for your wedding decor and the type of dress you like and then


Yes, I did say close the Pinterest. I explain to each and every one of my clients that Pinterest can be your bestest friend and your worst enemy. Sure, it’s great for Do It Yourself Ideas and beautiful venue décor but I believe it truly creates an indecisive mind in brides and grooms alike!

You’re not indecisive. Pinterest is the indecisive one.

I have yet to have a bride admit to me that she isn't “indecisive.” I don’t believe that to be true, though, because I believe the true culprit is, you guessed it, Pinterest! Think about it, every time you think you’ve made a decision as to what exactly you want for the wedding and then all of the sudden you see this pretty shiny new picture on Pinterest and of course it’s exactly the opposite of what you liked before and now your stumped because you don’t know what to do and have concluded that you’re just “indecisive.”

Many people don’t realize but Pinterest is a big source for wedding individuals to advertise on. Etsy shops, bloggers, and even venues advertise on here because they know how much brides love this site and how much influence it has on their biggest day of their life! One huge component I must write about that seems to get every bride stumped is….THE DRESS.


As I already wrote last week, picking THE dress can be stressful but it’s a whole lot better process with a little research. 

Bottom Line

Ladies…use Pinterest. Do whatever you'd like. Stay on it day to night. During your breaks at work and even during your relaxing time after work. But when it comes to making final decisions before the big wedding day, do yourself a favor and make your final searches and Pinterest Pins, and step away from the Pinterest. Shut it down. Delete it if it’s that addicting. I can promise you it that Pinterest will do more harm than anything else when you are REALLY close to your wedding date.  


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