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What is Micro wedding versus Minimony?

Now that we have lived with this pandemic for over 6 months, I am sure we have come to the realization that yes this is life and yes life still moves on...we can’t just stop life because life happened! We must adapt and keep going! Especially if you want to just keep going with your life and get a wedding done already.

With that being said, weddings will continue and as long as you take the correct safety precautions, weddings can be just as great as it was pre-pandemic days!!

So lets jump into the subject of what the heck is going on with weddings and this industry? Well weddings are still going with 10-50 people or less (based on county guidelines) and masks and 6 feet distance are definitely a given. 

The industry has coined two new terms that certainly got us confused as to what the heck is the difference? Well after some research I realize the fastest and easiest way to decipher the difference is asking: “Are you only having this event for the wedding or is this the first event of two you are planning?” 

If you are just having one event for the wedding then it’s a microwedding (also known as intimate wedding pre-pandemic days) and if you are just doing a small affair to commemorate the original wedding date but postponing to the following months/years, then you’re looking at a minimony.

I wrote a separate article addressing the minimony ideology CLICK HERE so lets jump into a microwedding here!

Microweddings are pretty much the same exact thing as a wedding but with less people. Pre-pandemic days, we called them intimate weddings. You still have a ceremony, cocktail, and reception and timing is pretty much the same! The only difference now is that it’s 50 people or less (based on your city guidelines) and there will be masks and 6 feet distance rules. 

How do you approach seating? Well lately venues are requiring people to seat family households at the table of up to 10 people but that's really based on the venue. Make sure to provide plenty of seating options because you don't want to make your guests feel uncomfortable in any way, shape or form. Guests should also always wear a mask except if they are seated and eating. 

How to address concerns from family and guests?

Addressing the safety precautions is essential and maybe going that extra step of requiring guests to take a test right before the wedding would not (at least in my eyes) be uncalled for. Make sure to keep communication with the guests either on your wedding website or create a Facebook group dedicated to your wedding and update guests through there (much easier than individually addressing each and every guest).

If you still are slightly confused as to what to do next, let's book a phone call, it's free!

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