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Wedding Traditions Not As Popular As You Think

#1 Tradition Almost Gone: Garter

There are some traditions that stay and there are some that go. The biggest "tradition" that has been shown the exit sign is anything and everything under the term of garter. Garter is definitely starting to dwindle down in popularity, especially the garter removal. Just so we’re clear and on the same page, there are three steps to a garter. There’s a garter removal, where the groom removes the garter from the bride’s legs in front of the guests. Then there’s a garter toss where the groom tosses his bride’s garter into a crowd of non-married bachelors. AND THEN there’s a garter replacement where the honoree who caught the garter from the groom now has to place this exact garter on the non-married lady guest who caught the bride’s bouquet. All in front of all of the guests. As of this past year, less than one hand full of my weddings have utilized this tradition.

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#2: Processional/Recessional Order

Another tradition to be addressed is the processional. Of course there are formalities previously dedicated based on religion or customs but if you are non-denominational out of a church, the order line up is truly up to you and your future spouse. There really isn’t a predetermined way that is the only correct way. Of course, there are certain set ups that are constantly used and is very popular but again, if you wanted a certain bridesmaid or even groomsmen not walking, or walking by themselves instead of with bridesmaids, then so be it. I feel a lot of my bridal clients get really caught into the web of facts they receive from television and maybe even Pinterest. I truly and dearly mean it when I say, this is your wedding, you have it the way you want it. If it kills you that you’re not sitting with your mom, then have a royal table. Sweetheart tables are somewhat a thing of the past now as well.

#3: The Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart tables versus royal tables versus king tables, Oh my!!

The traditional sweetheart table is soon on the outs as well. What’s popular this past year has been royal or also known as the king tables and the head table.

The difference between the king table versus the head table is that the:

KING TABLE (or also known as royal table) fits twelve people on both sides of the table whereas the head table only seats one side of the table so that no one’s back is to the dancefloor (which is usually around six to eight people depending how long the table is) and of course the sweetheart table is a table for two, the bride and groom!

I've noticed a lot of couples actually saying no to sweetheart and yes to sharing the table with the closest fam! 

#4: Cake Table

Oh the Cake Table, although I love cake and all that cake offers, it seeming not to be enough for our bride and groom's these days. You can certainly have your cake and eat it too!! Incorporate your family desserts with your cake and spread the love with your guests! Check out my last article about the cake table !


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