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Keep An Open Mind When Planning Your Wedding

Get rid of any preconceived notions you have of the wedding

Honestly, we all grew up thinking we want one thing, but just like everything else in life doesn't really happen like that, probably not.

So, keep an open mind!

Keep an open mind to your venue, to your vendors, and to your wedding date.

There's nothing worse than having your mind set on a wedding day and finding the perfect venue and the wedding date isn't available.

It's really about you and your happiness. But if you're able to let go off the wedding date and get your perfect venue, I highly recommend getting the venue over the date.

Especially if you fell in love with the venue, it's the perfect price, it's all that you want, but they just don't have that date available. I really do think that you should reconsider that wedding date.

My lesson to you right now is, keep your mind open. Keep all your options on the table. Make sure to focus on yourself and your fiancé and what makes you happy. Because you make the day. It's the day you're marrying your best friend.

That's what you're doing here. And forgetting that throughout the process definitely builds up that stress.

So remember, if they don't have your wedding date available, then you're gonna make a new wedding date special.

If they don't have your venue available, or if it's out of your budget, you're having your family and friends come on one day all together to celebrate your love. So that's why I say always keep an open mind.

Please get rid of any preconceived thoughts or notions you have of the wedding planning. Keep your mind open. Look at all the different types of venues.

You might want to have a ballroom wedding or a garden wedding.

But the majority of my clients who come to me with the full service package and are looking for a venue, I usually throw a random venue.

If they're looking for a ballroom, I might suggest to consider a garden wedding and see where they stand and sometimes they really love it.

So definitely keep an open mind to it.

Wedding Planning Timeline

Don't get your wedding dress before the venue!

Make sure to book the venue first, then your vendors and then the wedding dress.

The wedding dress is really important to the wedding day of course, but there's nothing worse than getting a ballroom dress and then end up deciding on a garden wedding.


Because of all the tulle.

The tulle will gather all the weeds and all the greenery on the floor and all the leaves.

You have no idea how many mosquitoes and bugs I've taken out of wedding dresses because it was not a wedding dress suited to that venue.

I recommend that after you go over your guestlist, your budget and zip codes, make sure to keep that open mind and then once you find that venue, then go into your vendors and then find that wedding dress.

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