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Don’t Make This Common Wedding Day Mistake 💍

What you need to know about cocktail hour

Cocktail Hour is usually after the ceremony and before reception and it's honestly my favorite time of wedding day.

Guests get to enjoy bites of food, amazing drinks at the bar, specialty drinks if you have specialty drinks.

And this is a perfect opportunity for the wedding couple to sign their marriage license and have some time for themselves.

Organize with your venue coordinator or your wedding planner about 5 minutes after ceremony to go in a separate room or a separate space.

If you don't have a room to have your time with your now husband or wife separate from the wedding and from the guests - you're going to see the guests the whole night - this is your only opportunity to be by yourselves for the day, literally 5 minutes.

This is also a great opportunity to have your order delivered to you while you're having your 5 minutes. I always try to have my wedding couples eat during the day, especially in the morning.

It's so important to eat breakfast in the morning because it's such a long day, but especially during the reception.

It's so hard for my wedding couples to eat when it's first dance or the reception because guests keep coming up, asking questions, taking photos.

I always suggest to my couples to take 5 minutes after the ceremony, go into a separate space, enjoy each other, celebrate, eat your orders from your cocktail hour.

Which is why it's important to talk to your venue coordinator or your wedding planner to deliver those orders, to enjoy them, to have a drink or water.

Make sure to hydrate, too. It's a long wedding day and a lot of people don't realize how long a wedding day is until the day of. 

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