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Do I Really Need A "Day Of" Coordinator?

Yes, yes you do.

And don't even start with saying that your venue coordinator says they'll be your wedding planner because that is simply not possible. Why?

Well I always give this example (as do many other wedding planners) but it really indicates the position venue coordinators take on the wedding day. If there is a fire in the kitchen and a huge stain on your wedding dress, where will the attention of the venue coordinator be focused? THE KITCHEN. 

That's right, your venue coordinator's attention will be directly focused ALWAYS on the venue because that is their job. Their job is not to bustle your dress, help find missing groomsmen, assist with sewing a bridesmaid dress, go out and buy pants for dad, they do not focus on your wedding day details, they focus on the venue wedding day details. 

Let's also clarify something, venue coordinators can absolutely assist with ordering food, making sure event starts on time, lead guests through the front entrance to ceremony BUT THEY DO NOT TAKE CARE OF ANYTHING OUTSIDE THE VENUE RANGE. 

What is venue range? Well anything that doesn't have to do with their venue, for example VENDORS. They do not make sure vendors arrive on time like your hair and make up, your photographer/videographer, they do not make sure your floral centerpieces are correct, they do not make sure the whole day is on time with vendors (preceremony) because that is not their job, their job is to make you happy when it comes to the venue, not necessarily the WHOLE wedding day (but only when the wedding day is concerned with the venue). 

So if you have hair and make up vendors, a photographer, videographer, florist, timeline to be followed in reception (of which venue coordinators do not make sure that the photographer is there for your first dance, father/daughter dance, cake cutting, I think you get the point) then who is in charge of that?

Well, that's a "day of coordinator," also known as a DOC. Our business, Busy Bee's Events, offers comprehensive day of services that go over every single detail of the wedding and stay the WHOLE wedding day. The reason we mention only our business is because we can't necessarily speak for other planners and how they operate their "day of" services...some planners don't even offer Day Of Services because to be never know which vendor is going to be a complete s"""show on the wedding day. Excuse my French but in this industry, you truly get what you pay for and if you found an amazing price you never saw anywhere else for a vendor...well it might be too good to be true (always do your DEEP review research).

Anyway, back to day of coordinators, what exactly do we do? Well we make sure all of the small details are exactly as they were described before the wedding aka small signs displayed (and maybe needing to be moved), placement cards set, sign in book in place, card box in sight but also watched over, and even making sure the linens are correct and nicely placed on each table.

Day of coordinators also create timelines. Our Busy Bee timelines are typically 3-4 pages and admittedly smaller than usual font (sorry not sorry, I like to keep the timeline on me all day long). Our timelines are in 5-10 minute increments and goes over the whole day timeline. In addition to that, we have a photo list (we assist photographers gathering family for photos so it goes seamlessly), item list (items you give to us and want back at the end of the night), and we even create a hair and make up schedule because honestly, if hair and make up is behind, everything else in the day is behind so it's really important that timing is ON POINT.

Our day of package starts about 6 weeks before the wedding and we require all contracts shared with us so we know exactly what is contracted before we are hired. We also ask for photos of centerpieces, cake inspiration, linen description, and every small detail that you want included in your wedding including certain specific photos like photo under banyan tree holding hands or dad first look or exchange of love letters.

On the wedding day, we are a team of 3-4 based on your final count and we have a planner in every part of the wedding day, why? Because LIFE HAPPENS and life sometimes doesn't go to plan and the reason you hire a planner is so that you DONT HEAR ABOUT THE AWFUL THINGS THAT HAPPEN ON YOUR WEDDING ON YOUR ACTUAL WEDDING DAY. I always love to hear when our clients tell family (who always ask questions), no worries my planners got it, and we do got it! We are literally hired to make sure the day is enjoyable and on time and if something were to happen, the bride and groom/ bride and bride/ groom and groom are the last to find out!! 

Another big differentiation between a "day of" versus a venue coordinator is that our day of team stays all day, when does your venue coordinator leave? 

 Always be sure to ask when your venue coordinator will be leaving the wedding? Is it before the reception ends? What if you need something and they're not there? Typically they leave after cake cutting because as I said before, their job is done because the cake cutting is the last part having to do with the venue and the wedding. Sure there will be a banquets manager to oversee the room making sure the guests don't go buck wild but your venue coordinator makes sure your happy with the venue and then goes home. Whereas our team stays until the very end to make sure the vendors pick up their items, guests do not take items that will cost you afterward, and we put all of your wedding items back into your room so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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