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Where Do I Start With Vendors?


 Sometimes the best route for finding the best vendors is asking your venue if they have any recommendations? Especially if it’s a DIY venue, you need to FIRST find a caterer. Caterer’s should be familiar with the venue before working the wedding day so please be sure when speaking to them that they are either familiar with the property or open to hold a walk through (before booking them) so they familiarize themselves with the property (we have a walk through chapter dedicated to this: Chapter 25...highly recommend reading if you have a “DIY” venue requiring catering) and also be sure to be knowledgeable in all of the rules of the kitchen and electricity on premise through the venue.

Disclaimer For Booking Vendors: It’s preferred to go in the order that is listed in this ebook but if you KNOW that you want to book your photographer first then go for that! The order that I recommend is based on past experience of what works best for MOST people, everyone has their own way and I am here to make this as easy of a process as possible.

 As you are looking at vendors, be sure to have your wedding website completed (Chapter 13) and already working on/completing the save the dates for guests (Chapter 14).

The Order of Vendors to Book 

  1. Wedding Venue Booked FIRST (Chapter 6-12)
  2. Wedding Website/Wedding Room Blocks (Chapter 13)
  3. Save The Dates (Chapter 14)
  4. Wedding Planner (Chapter 17)
  5. Caterer (Chapter 18)
  6. Photographer and Videographer (Chapter 20 and 21)
  7. Band/DJ/Entertainment (Chapter 22)
  8. Officiant (Chapter 23)
  9. Hair/Make Up Artist (Chapter 26)
  10. Florist/Designer (Chapter 24)
  11. Cake (Chapter 27)
  12. Transportation (Chapter 30)
  13. Invitations (Chapter 29)
  14. Lighting (Chapter 31)
  15. Welcome Bags (Chapter 32)
  16. Any Other Vendors

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