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What Do Guests Enjoy Most At A Wedding?

Planning a wedding can get extremely complex.

It might not seem so at first because I'm sure you have planned a party or two in the past, but when it comes to a wedding, or even a larger event, it can get pretty complicated. A rather difficult factor most bride and groom face is the gruesome budget. No one likes to talk or even think about it, but in the end, that's truly what can foretell the details of your wedding.

With knowing your own budget, you're able to paint a pretty picture of which venue, which day, which vendors, what decor, what time and so on and so forth.

This blog is dedicated for those brides who have a tighter budget but still want the guests to have an amazing time. Sometimes we read articles that describe all these amazing factors that make your guests oh so happy but, in actuality, your guests are there because they love you already...and because open bar...just saying. 

Do SPEND Open Bar

Let's be honest...Weddings are so fun because

a. you're with all of your friends and/or family on a happy day and

b. there's an open bar

c. and eventually that dancefloor also looks amazing after a few drinks at the open bar

My advice is keep the bar open all night long, I promise, this will be the right investment. Typically, when I mention "all night long," I mean from the start of cocktail hour until the last hour of your reception. It will cost a pretty penny for open bar per "head" (each guest), but you can either choose the beer and wine option OR use this amazing trick that can save a lot of money:

SAVING MONEY TIP: For that last hour of your reception, instead of paying per head for an open bar, keep a tab open instead!

You'll save a lot of money because by the time the 4th or 5th hour rolls around, there will be a lot less people who are ordering a lot less alcohol. Either guests have left, or switching to coffee/tea, or even passed out in their chairs being dragged home by their significant others. There'll always be a few party rockers left, so keep that tab open for them, they'll love you forever.

DON'T SPEND: On Invitations

Believe or not, and it's truly based on your taste, invitations can get pretty pricey. Dependent on your ply count, lining, coloring, font, size, so on and so forth, you can add up to a $3,000 bill after explaining your vision to your invitations lady. 

Disclaimer: There is absolutely no problem spending that much on invitations if your  budget allows it, but if you're tiptoeing the final budget abyss with these invitations, then go online and shop.

Two amazing online websites are and Just like any other online source, do your research. Make sure that's the exact color and shape and ply and thickness that you want. You're even able to create your invitation and receive a sample before order (A MUST!).

Through this method, you can literally save thousands of dollars by order on this website. I can guarantee you that if you save the money, which by the way, invitations are usually not kept especially right after the wedding, so might as well invest that money for an extra hour of open bar or even your DJ.

DONT SPEND: Elaborate Cake

Again, this is truly based on budget and if cake is a huge priority to you then splurge! Get the four layer cake with extra edible flowers, they are absolutely beautiful and can truly make you happy. As for your guests though...I've seen at many weddings that a lot of cake is left at the end or a lot of slices of cake are untouched on plates at the end of the night. 

Instead of spending thousands on a cake, think about a dessert table! Or a table that's dedicated to what you and your soon to be hubby love to eat for dessert! Could be a chocolate fountain with strawberries on a stick, chocolate pretzels, or even a crepe maker. 

Mixing it up is always a crowd pleaser and can also save a lot of money. Definitely discuss dessert with options with the fiance and find out what truly fits both of your personalities and go for it!


This one is a big one. Invest. 

Maybe it's my background in entertainment planning but over the years, I truly believe that DJs are well worth every cent, at least a good and reputable DJ with a lot of reviews. As a planner, I plan the whole event, that's my job but when it comes to music, especially during reception, I hand over my reigns to the DJ. The DJ is in charge and if he's a great DJ, he'll have the guests dancing all night long. This quote is especially true for photographers and DJs, if the price seems to good to be true, THEN IT DEFINITELY IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. DJ's are the important factors for your guests to have an amazing time! Of course, bands and/or any other entertainment is amazing as well but if you go with the DJ route, I definitely recommend investing in a reputable "wedding DJ," different than club DJ.


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