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What Is In A Wedding Welcome Bag?

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2019

Let's Start With What Is A Welcome Bag?

Welcome Bags Have Truly Grown Into It's Own Being This Year!

By that I mean welcome bags have become a must have item in most weddings we worked this year and it's not even part of the wedding day! It's for the guests arriving for the wedding at the hotel!

The best way I can define what a Welcome Bag is it's a container (no longer is it just a bag, it can be a basket or a white foldable contraption) that magically reveals snacks, sunscreen, chapstick, and an itinerary of the weekend with a thank you note.

To most, it's a welcome gift to traveling guests and a window to the wedding weekend but to others, it's stressful because of the little designed items inside the bag. My advice is please don't stress over it, the weekend will already be stressful and there's no need to bend over backward for a welcome gift.

And not only that, they can be really costly!! From personalized canvas bags, candies, popcorn, maps, gizmos, fans, electronics the works can cost upwards of $1000++ and that's NOT INCLUDING the fee the hotel charges to place the bags inside the hotel rooms or hand to the guests as they checkin. (A lot of hotels will not charge if it's handed over during check in but all will charge if they have to place into the guests room...there's a lot more logistics and labor.


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