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Top Three Ways To Save On Your Wedding Venue Budget

Are you trying to save on your wedding venue?

And do you already think you're over budget for your wedding?

Here are my top three ways to save on your wedding venue:

1. Off Season Wedding Dates

Look into dates that are off season.

What is is off season?

Off season really depends on your state.

For example, off season in Florida is usually July, August and September.

Those are really popular dates to get married in New York, but not in Florida because it's too hot.

The cheapest time to get married in Florida is off season.

So your number one tip right now is to find out when off season is.

You can ask the venue coordinator or even ask Facebook groups to find out when your state's off season is and look into dates that weekend or that weekday.

Which brings us to our second tip.

2. Look into weekday weddings

A lot of people I don't want a weekday wedding.

But technically, if you have a Saturday wedding, people are taking off work Monday or Friday to get into town.

So what's the difference on having a Friday wedding?

A lot of people love Friday weddings because you actually have a lot more time with family and friends because you'll have your wedding Friday and then you have Saturday to kind of recover because the next day is always recovery day.

And then they have Sunday to spend with the family and friends. You actually have more time with family and friends and they're taking off work anyway, so might as well just take off Thursday.

3. Ask about the liquor package

I mention the liquor package because they have a package with the listed liquors.

There's some things you can negotiate before signing contract disclaimer.

If you already signed your contract, you're most likely not able to do these things.

So the liquor package is really based on what you want, beer and wine and maybe one signature cocktail which could be mojito or a sangria. Some places don't like sangria.

Typically the best signature drink is an easy one to make with two or three ingredients and that's a great way to save. You could save a lot.

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