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Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Worry About Your Wedding Venue's Carpet

Lighting is absolutely key to weddings.

Try to see if your hotel has dim lighting because some hotels just have on and off lighting.

If you do have dim lighting, it's amazing.

But not only that, you need to get uplights.

I always recommend uplighting in every wedding I plan because it really detracts from people. It really attracts people's attention to the area you want them to pay attention to.

It's about all about wedding planning.

If you have carpet that you absolutely hate, take their attention away from the carpet and onto the walls or even the dance floor.

My favorite trick is incorporating Leko/Gobo, which is basically a print projected onto the walls.

Back in the day, people would project their initials or their last name on the wall.

It has all these different types of shapes, you can have a variety of different shapes.

It's a light projected onto a wall and it creates a huge difference.

People are literally not paying attention to the carpets.

 No one can see the carpet on the floor because the lights are low. We have up lights around the room and then we have gobos being projected onto the walls and ceilings.

So people are literally not looking down, they're looking up.

Also, you can incorporate fun things in the ceiling, like a disco ball or a confetti cannon.

Really anything you can incorporate taking away from the carpet onto the dance floor.

Another great example is putting flowers onto your stage, usually utilized from your ceremony.

Ask your florist if you can re-utilize the florals used during ceremony onto the stage on the dance floor.

Another big factor to consider to take away from people's attention on the carpet is your floorplan.

Create dimension to your room by incorporating long tables and round tables.

It really takes people's focus away from the floor and onto these tables. It's all about where you're taking your guest eyes.

There are so many different ways of distracting the guests from the ugly carpet.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


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