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Microwedding Ideas: What To Do Instead Of Dancing?

So you're having your micro-wedding (intimate wedding) but not quite sure what to do if you are not able to have a dancefloor?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Shoe Game!! The shoe game has always been a crowd pleaser and so much fun, essentially it's when you face away from each other and each have a shoe of each others...Guests will ask questions and you raise the persons shoe that fits the question best!

2. OPA!! Dance on your chairs or tables in specified spots! Always keep safety in mind but some people are actually dancing on chairs!

3. Wedding bingo or trivia is an awesome way to keep guests entertained with very strong alcoholic beverages

4. Silent disco is coming back and we're not mad about it...sanitized headphones, designated areas to dance, why not?

5. GAMES GAMES GAMES. If this is the first blog you've read from us then you'll see that our thoughts on micro-weddings are to definitely move forward with your wedding even if it's not your dream 500 person cinderella wedding because in the end, YOU ARE MARRYING YOUR BEST FRIEND. And if you just want to get married already and not have to deal with not only this worldwide pandemic but also trying to plan a wedding with constantly changing health restrictions then dooo ittt. Move on with your life and be married and enjoy marriage life! If you definitely have family you absolutely want to join and they simply cannot travel/attend the wedding because of the pandemic then that's completely understandable and WAIT/POSTPONE to have your wedding but if you are not in that situation then what is holding you back? You can always do a one or two year anniversary dance party to celebrate post pandemic with all of the friends later on but anyway...I digress.. 

The best way to go about your micro-wedding is to (if possible) have it outdoors in a tent or no tent (depending on weather) with more than enough seating for everyone. Always keep mindful of the 6 feet distance rule and on 60 inch round table, place around 4-6 people, and on a 72 inch round table, place around 6-8 people.

Masks are going to be a thing for a while so why not make it glam?? Personalize those masks and make them FASHION or YOUR RELATIONSHIP. How? Well incorporate your love story, how did you meet? Favorite country to visit? Favorite food? Add gold and put it on a mask and BAM! Wedding favor.

COVID-19 testings are starting to become quicker and even mobile! In my opinion, asking guests (AND VENDORS) to be tested before the wedding day is not rude and even having a test at the event is helpful. In addition, always have that hand sanitizer ready, maybe even personalize those items like your masks!!

May I Make A Suggestion?

Look life is definitely FULL OF LEMONS and the pandemic might be the watermelon sized lemon we all never experienced in our lives but what exactly do we do with these lemons? We make them our B**ch and we have a kick butt wedding and we move on with our lives because life is life and life IS NEVER GOING TO BE PERFECT, it's all about mentality and let me ask you a question...when exactly was the last time you had a "perfect day" where everything went right and not one moment gave you the most intense emotion that was not exactly happy? And even further maybe affected the rest of your day? I am sure most of you are nodding yes or doing something to agree with that statement but if your life is perfect and everyday doesn't include a rollercoaster of emotions/events/anything well then...that must be nice but not quite so for myself and those around me. 

And for those who are like me that goes through life knowing it wont be perfect, try to keep that in mind for your wedding day. I am a wedding planner and I will say that I do MY VERY BEST to make it the most perfect day of my couples lives BUT UNFORESEEN BS HAPPENS ALL OF THE TIME!! Que the hurricane/pandemic, dad forgetting his pants, missing groomsmen, sunburned groom, forgotten marriage license, ambulance arriving multiple times for guests, guests falling from literally nothing on the ground, bridesmaid never trying on her dress and we literally sew her in so she can walk down the aisle, and so much much more. 

The reasons I write this is to not scare you but demonstrate the new realities of the world and the sooner we accept that the sooner we can adapt to this new life and get back to our 


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