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Our Micro Wedding The Day Before Miami Shut Down

Everyone is on edge in the wedding industry and that isn't an exaggeration.

We are all suffering in our own way and there's no denying the irritating sense of frustration that comes with all of this uncertainty.

No one is right or wrong, we are all just doing our best here...and my stance in ALL of this is:

Don't Postpone Your Wedding TOO Early.

This is already creating a vicious cycle where couples postpone too early and they either have to postpone again or maybe not even be able to have their wedding.

My Advice? Wait until 6-8 weeks before the wedding before postponing IF you really have to postpone...

This past tuesday we had the most amazing wedding day and it was DURING the pandemic and everyone is still okay.


What did we do differently?

Well First of all you will have to cut down your guest list, that's a must. Abide city guidelines as to how many people you may invite, AND HAVE A LIVE ZOOM SESSION.

Zoom is an amazing way to incorporate family that were not able to be there.

Although it's a tough hit to go lower in the guest count, at the end of the day, the point of your wedding is to get married to your best friend and that's why you should proceed with your wedding with less people. Look at the bright side, you'll be saving money and people do tend to still send a gift even if it's a zoom wedding (just saying).

The wedding industry is really suffering right now from all of these postponements so this is a good time to discuss terms with the venues and vendors that work for both parties. 

Did guests have to wear masks?

Guests had to wear masks except when at the tables or cocktail hour. All staff MUST wear masks, including wedding vendors. To be completely honest, you get personalized wedding masks and it really doesn't impede the wedding experience, you kind of forget about it honestly.

We operated the wedding just like a restaurant. It was all outdoor (we rented fans), less than 50% capacity, and had multiple separated areas for older guests who were not comfortable sitting with the other guests.

How was seating?

We abided by the 6 feet apart rule for ceremony, cocktail, and reception seating. 

The seats were acrylic so you didn't even see that they were separated in photos! 

We had a variety of different seating arrangements throughout the wedding, we had further away seats for those who wanted to keep completely separate and seats outside the tent in a separate area just in case.


Tuesday's couple had the most amazing idea. They invited their immediate families to the ceremony, cocktail, and most of reception and when the fun dancing party started, the older guests left and the friends came to dance the night away in the after party tent. 

We were sure to keep under the 50 person rule the whole time, but we basically invited friends to party later on so that they can still join the celebration (and open bar) and zoomed in on ceremony and cocktail hour.

Separated Ceremony Areas?

This is definitely essential for keeping certain age ranges away from groupings. It's always nice to have a couple of seats further away just in case.

How was the dancefloor?

Guests had to wear masks but honestly, it was all amazing. People still danced and laughed and drank and had a great time celebrating a marriage.


All in all, I am here for the micro weddings. I truly believe that masks are going to stay for a while and honestly, the two pandemic weddings I've worked felt ABSOLUTELY THE SAME. Of course we have to make sure guests and staff wear masks, everyone have hand sanitizer, and make sure seats are 6 feet apart but seriously, it felt the same. 

I truly believe you should move forward with your wedding and not postpone because at the end of the day, you're marrying your best friend and no matter how that looks or how many people attend, the day will be perfect because it has both of you marrying each other. The end.

Also..I do understand if budget cuts is the reason why you want to postpone BUT I highly recommend you speaking to the venue and vendors to see if there's any kind of way everyone can work out a deal that everyone leaves happy and the wedding is as originally scheduled.



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