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Decoration Tips For Your Next Labor Day Party

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2019

Tips For Your Labor Day Party

I'll start off with my very own favorite part of a party, the food and drinks. Food is amazing especially when you are able to pick your own portions at a serve yourself kind of party. The only downside to this whole serve yourself and take your time buffet is if you're not the first one in line then you'll be waiting for a hot minute before sinking your teeth into something really delicious.

FOOD: Food stations! Just like we do in most social events, spread out your food stations! Have multiple tables around the property (they don't have to be big tables) but spread them out so people can have a flow and a bit of distance until their next table. Have some fun with these tables! You can make them themed or even just the different variety of chicken wing table versus DIY taco table. A favorite food of mine is actually a snack! Crackers and dips are my achilles heel and I always have a table dedicated to ALL types of dips and crackers. Best snack ever. 

REFRESHMENTS: Another table can be refreshments! This one can also be fun because not only can you have all types of fresh juices, liquor, sodas, the works, but you can also mix it up! Add a sangria, coffee cocktail or even wine slushie! Frosé anyone? Big trend this year is popsicle champagne, especially fitting for a hot summer day.

If your party is going to have little ones running around then I highly recommend some activities to keep them preoccupied so you can enjoy the fun refreshment table. There are so many fun activities that can be on table for them, Cookie S'more Station, Candy Table, Non Stain Paint A Pot Table. You can even hire a babysitter or an MC to play games like hoola hoop contests or even musical patio chairs.

Fun Tip: Sometimes Hiding Items Outside For A SCAVENGER HUNT Can Be An Easy And Fun Activity To Watch The Kids Play (maybe even "hide" some items that are not even there for some extra refreshment table time)


ENTERTAINMENT: Picking songs for background music can either be the best thing to do when you're extremely bored or a tedious task if you're always busy. I've got a solution for you! Pre-made Labor Day playlists on any big music channels like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, just look it up, hook it up to a water resistant speaker (especially if you're near a pool) and enjoy the day.

DECOR: Now just like any other event, decorating and designing is really based on the client and their preferences. What has been very popular this year is a neutral toned table whether it be wood or white washed and adding a pop of color with beautiful centerpieces or even herbs!

BE WARY OF THE WILDLIFE AKA MOSQUITOES. Always remember about the bugs, especially if you are outside. Always be equipped with a repellant of some form, whether it be a Citronella candle (they have some really dainty and subtle ones now), torches, or even have a bathroom basket equipped with some bug spray.


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