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How To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date? Mini-mony Style

Minimony is simple, I recommend finding a venue that has an outdoor and indoor option. Outdoor ceremony and then walk indoor for food (which is most ideal for the COVID-19 environment). Typically a restaurant has both capabilities and I am sure they are willing to work with you on pricing since everyone is barely keeping their heads above water during this pandemic. Typically the timeline for the minimony day is ceremony (30-45 minutes) then a dinner to follow. There are limited formalities involved with a minimony, typically just an informal ceremony and then possibly a first dance to follow. The biggest difference between a mini-money and micro wedding is if you are going to be doing another wedding event in the future. If yes, then you are looking at a mini-mony!! If not and this is just the only event you are doing then you’re looking at a micro wedding which is in a separate blog!

What is a minimony? A minimony is a short ceremony (usually 30-45 minutes) with an officiant and at least TWO witnesses. Typically there’s about 10-20 people attending this minimony and there’s limited formalities. Just a ceremony then a dinner to follow for the guests. There is definitely Zoom capabilities for guests who are not able to attend for the ceremony portion and then for dinner, there are a lot of different ways you can go about this! I recommend an outdoor venue (residential or not) restaurant, or even brewery! You’ll need florals like a bouquet and maybe an arch as well as a microphone for ceremony (could be provided by officiant or rented from entertainment company). Also, if you are doing a live feed opportunity for guests (Zoom or Facebook Live), send the guests maybe something they can wear on the zoom wedding day! Maybe sunglasses or a wedding logo mask or maybe even a cute hat so they feel involved with the wedding day! 

After the ceremony, you could do a cocktail hour but straight to lunch/dinner is the way to go to save! Dinner can be served in the restaurant, could be a BBQ, or even a food truck!! If possible, maybe you could order catering/to go meal from your original wedding caterer! Think about the liquor as well..are you doing beer and wine or full liquor? If you’re on a strict budget, check out Costco or Bjs and purchase the small liquor bottles so you can return the unopened ones after the event! ( I am always here for money saving advice!) 

Dessert? I say yes! Maybe purchase a mini version of your wedding cake or your favorite desserts from the same bakery you are purchasing your wedding cake. There so many amazing ways to celebrate this date but these are just a few ideas!

Also, always be sure to be CDC compliant and informing guests of how you are taking safety precautions. Masks are a new way of life and I am not so sure it will leave anytime soon so why not have fun with it?! Also always include a ton of seating arrangements at least 6 feet apart to keep guests comfortable and safe and even post pandemic, supply hand sanitizer ALWAYS.

Items to book for a minimony: 

1. Book venue - could be airbnb or even your backyard

2. book food/liquor

3. book an officiant

4. CDC compliant with amount of people allowed 

5. Zoom capabilities Or Facebook Live Capability (live streaming)

6. Phone plug into speaker for music OR single musician 

7. Cake by original vendor

8. Stay the night at your wedding hotel that you were originally going to stay in


30 minute ceremony

30 minute cocktail hour or 2 hour dinner

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