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Should I Get Food Before The Wedding?

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. Always get food for the hotel room/get ready room. Not only for you but also for your bridal party and family. I know it’s important to definitely have those champagne bottles, cute straws, cute napkins, and cute plates BUT DO GO WITH AS MANY FOODS AND SNACKS. Even if you are having food delivered for lunch, get snacks throughout the day. Make sure to hydrate with water as well as alcoholic beverages throughout the day. A wedding day is one of the happiest as well as longest days of your life and you don’t want to go through it being hangry and parched.

What should I Get?

Platters are always my go to And Coffee, plenty of coffee. Platters of wraps and fruit for the girls and subs and chips for the boys. NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING WITH SAUCES LIKE CHICKEN WINGS OR PASTAS. Why? Because of stains. Bridesmaids are not prone to partaking in the chow down time on chicken wings but I have seen enough stains on groom and groomsmen tuxedos and suits to guarantee that there will be a stain if there is a sauce. Of course there are always exceptionally clean people that are somehow able to keep all of the sauce in a napkin but not worth the risk in my opinion. If so, purchase plenty of Shout Wipes. Shout Wipes are life and we have saved many particles of clothing with shout wipes, INCLUDING WEDDING DRESSES. You’re welcome.

Where Do I Get The Food?

Anywhere That’s Open Early.

Typically ordering food from the hotel works out just fine but if that’s too expensive, my top go to is online ordering with Publix. TIP: It’s important to assign someone in the bridal party or family to pick up these items in the morning, before the morning, because you should be resting at the hotel or getting ready for the big day. If you are a client of Busy Bee’s, we always include a bridal concierge that picks up food in the morning of event, so you’re completely covered on that front.


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