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The Hardest Task For Me Is

Finding THE WEDDING DRESS For The Bride.

I have yet to have a bride walk into ONE store and pick ONE dress because she fell in love with it and wanted to pay for it right then and there…Now with that being said...I have had brides walk into the store, try on a dress, fell in love with it, but yet still didn't buy it because she wants to know her options. That's Fair...But after going to EIGHT different bridal shops, something has got to give....

Now I completely understand if the bride doesn’t want to the buy the dress because

  1. she didn't feel that AHA moment OR
  2. it isn't within price range.

These are sensible reasons...but if you're a bride and you try on a dress and you have that AHA moment then buy the dress, don't think twice, and if you're thinking twice then definitely go home, research about the dress, and find a local bridal shop that might have it for a cheaper price. Stick to what you love! You now know what you want, so go after it!

Things to keep in mind is of course pricing but also pricing of alterations and hemming.

Unfortunately, nowadays, brides do hesitate a lot more when buying the dress because they want to know ALL of their options. Being a savvy shopper myself, I completely understand that notion, BUT also being a planner for so long, I also know that brides usually end up at that first AHA dress in probably that first or second store. Being part of the millennial generation, I understand it’s hard to make any decision when you have the Internet at the disposal of your fingertips to find out a better price or a better bargain. 

My biggest advice for dress shopping is of course hire a planner to pick the shops for you OR do your research and only go to 3-4 shops AND THAT’S IT. I believe if we, as people, have too many options, we tend to become more indecisive and less likely to commit to a decision. It seems stressful to only have 3-4 shops to shop in but in this case, that’s a good thing! I think if a bride knows she can only go to 3-4 shops, she is more willing to do an in depth research about the store, about what she wants, and about pricing. Not only that, I believe brides are more open minded to new options and more likely to make a decision!

Plan A

It’s a hard truth and I’ve discussed this with countless wedding dress shop owners and they all say the same thing. There will always be a “prettier” dress or sparklier dress or sexier dress and it doesn’t matter the season. If you get into that dress and you feel beautiful and you feel like that the moment your groom is going to see you and cry THEN TAKE THE DRESS. Don’t think "oh this is amazing but maybe I can find an even MORE amazing one out there"…what? No. Don’t do that. Buy it!

Plan B

If anything...go to a really great (and expensive) shop as your first shop. While shopping in there, try on all of the dresses (at least majority of them) and learn which cut, shape, design, and especially price you like and go from there. Go online and find that exact dress you tried on and see if there are any other (less expensive) dresses out there like it and then call the bridal shops to see if they carry that designers work or if they’re willing to order it. Ordering sounds expensive but if it’s four seasons old, it can definitely be cheaper.

My solution to you ladies is

  1. Do your research on bridal shops
  2. Keep to 3-4 bridal shops
  3. Be open minded
  4. Try on ALL of the dresses at the dress
  5. If you have an AHA moment, take the dress!

If you've gone to four shops then try a 5th, and sometimes it might even take a 6th but don't drive yourself crazy. Your groom is going to love anything that you wear so try and enjoy this process.


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