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Don’t Do This As a Wedding Guest

There are some unspoken rules you should follow when you've been invited to a wedding.

As you can imagine, being a wedding planner in South Florida, I've seen a lot of things.

Don't forget, I'm the only sober one left at the wedding.

And over the years, I've put together a list of different things wedding guests do that you really shouldn't do at weddings.

Keep reading to learn more about wedding guest etiquette.

First things first, random speeches. Please stop doing that. No one wants that.

No one's planned for it.

If you want to do an open mic, go to the rehearsal dinner.

Second thing you shouldn't do as a wedding guest is actually go to the ceremony really late, or even on time.

If you're on time at a wedding, you're probably still late. You're probably disturbing the procession, so be a little early.

Maybe they have a welcome drink.

Maybe you can take some photos out of the way so you can join cocktail hour.

The last thing you shouldn't do as a wedding guest is not leave the room when people are asking you to leave the room at the end of the cocktail hour.

Please leave when you have been asked to leave.

Go find a bar.

I've literally had wedding guests sit at a table while we're turning on the lights, while we're clearing the plates, and even the centerpieces, and they're just sitting there.

Oh, I know you've had a great evening but it's time to go.

It's time to find another bar. It's time to go to your first hotel room.

It's time to leave the room because us workers working at the wedding we want to go home, and we can't yet because you're staying behind.

So please leave when you have been asked to leave.

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