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How To Use Decor From Christmas To New Years


How To Turn Your Christmas Decor Off The Tree And Onto Your New Years Table?



Stick With Neutrals and Metal Tones! This Season we are loving the darker maroon's because it's a romantic color that can fit both holidays! Mixing metals is also a very large trend this season. We have seen a mix of golds, silvers, and even rose gold! There truly is no rule when combining colors on the New Years table!

Leftover Decor

Transforming decor does not have to stop at your tree! Use your leftover gift wrapping paper as a photo backdrop! Cut up the stray tissue paper laying around to make confetti! Transform small pieces of ribbon into a napkin holder or votive band!

- Votives (vases) that can remove outside decor paper for different holiday (glue guns are saviors)
- Wrapping paper - photo back drop
- Tie Bows on Champagne Glasses - green/red for Christmas and gold for new years
- Tissue Paper For Confetti
- White/Silver/Gold sparkly Tinsel Runner for long tables


Ornaments from the tree can be reutilized all over! Our favorite go to ornament is the clear the ornament that can easily open and be refilled with new decor. We show how to do this on our new segment on WPTV!


Lighting is our FAVORITE part of any event. You can turn any decor on a table into a masterpiece with just a few string lights intertwined in the decor in some way!
- Centerpiece lighting - During events we have pin spots and wash lights but during a Christmas/New Years dinner, we have centerpieces on the table and we can intertwine the string of lights in the centerpieces! If you have a smaller centerpiece, then use pixie lights that are really subtle but make a world of difference! If you want to add some color, buy lights that are colored and keep a neutral centerpiece.
- Lighting Throughout The Home - Hang Lights from the Ceiling, Trail The Lights Throughout Your Home, Have Some Fun With Lights Because They Make EVERYONE Happy 
Happy Holidays and New Year!!

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