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Bridesmaid Dresses

That One Daunting Task No One Saw Coming

Definitely a topic I wanted to touch on after this past wedding season. Although the topic of bridesmaid dresses have been brought up in the past, this year it has grown exponentially in importance. It’s no longer what color and how long will the dress be? It’s what shade of color and should we fluctuate the shade? Do mothers of either bride or groom go for a color in the bridal party or have their own dresses? What if the moms have a shade darker than the bridal party? What happens when you want your bridesmaids in ombre colors but it wont look nice because of the height difference? What if the dresses of the bridesmaids clash with the flooring of the hotel? Or worse, clashes with the colors of the curtains and/or linens?


I’m just going to say: Stop. Right. There.


Once you have felt you’ve gone down this bunny hole of questions, it’s best to stop and take a breath. Bridesmaids dress color is supposed to be an easier portion of the wedding planning but it’s grown it’s own being this past year. So here are some items to contemplate when choosing your bridesmaid dress:


  1. What feel are you going for in your wedding?
    1. Key Items: Dress, Hair, and Make Up. When you get into the knitty gritty of: jewelry, clutches, shoes, the works, that’s when you really start to stress yourself and if that isn’t a stressful subject, then do it but if it is, I can almost guarantee you will most probably not notice what color earrings one of your bridesmaids chose to wear.
      1. Questions To Consider:
        1. Do you want the girls to be wearing all of the same gowns, with the same hairstyle, and make up?
        2. Or do you want the girls in the same color dresses but in different styles and different hair styles?
        3. Or the ever so popular trend: do you want the girls in ombre dress colors and where do you want them placed?
        4. Don’t forget to consider what the groom and groomsmen are wearing as well so it blends well in photos


Although it does make for a beautiful photo and it is certainly important for ceremony, especially if you are having your bridesmaids stand up but it should not be this huge impact on the wedding planning process where it drives you up the wall. Do what fits best for your wedding vision, the venue, and what fits best in your color scheme, if you don’t like mixed colors for your bridesmaids, then don’t do it. If you don’t want them to have different hairstyles, then don’t do it, pick one for everyone. This is your wedding and your big day, do what makes you feel most happy and bridesmaids should follow suit.


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