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What To Do For Valentine’s Day?

Well That Was...Fast

Hooray Valentine's Day is Here and We're All Cheering!

.....But not really because Valentine's Day arrived too early and IT'S ON A WEEKDAY. That is extremely unfortunate but FORTUNATELY for you, you found my blog about creative ideas and adventures you can explore with the boo, other than the usual going out to dinner and watching Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie.

Make It Memorable!

For Those Who Like A Little Adrenaline

I just found this cool idea and if you're open to a little adrenaline mixed with a little adventure, then I highly recommend exploring this option with your beau!

On February 10 and 11, Xtreme Xperience is coming to town and it's awesome! Right off of Palm Beach, you'll be able to "Take The Wheel Of Your Favorite Exotic Car For An Experience That's Nothing Like A Walk On The Beach"

What's better than expensive cars and the need for speed?

Apparently, you get to pick a really expensive fast car and can speed drive it throughout the racetrack (either solo racing your boyfriend/girlfriend or you can ride together). It's something different and definitely once in a lifetime, so why not? Right?

Simple But Classic

For Those Who Want To Keep It Low Key

This might seem silly or even cliche but since Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday, and because it's going to be so expensive and crowded in restaurants, why not explore an opportunity at the dance studio! Now don't be too quick to judge, it might seem to be not even your thing, and it certainly might not be, but it's definitely different and fun! Why not try it? I for one had first hand experience, not really being a strong dancer and all, but nonetheless I went for it and a great time!

A great place to find dancing lessons is either online or Groupon. I found this amazing deal for Argentine Tango Lessons right next door to me so that (hopefully one day) my boyfriend and I will perfect basic eight steps. Yes, it's only EIGHT steps and we still can't remember.

And if dancing in a class environment is REALLY not your forte then check out your local restaurant/bar that has live music and have some fun. Sip on that mixed fruity cocktail and let go of the day and embrace the embarrassing dance of the fuzzies with your Valentine.

Trying To Keep It On That Low Low

But Still Need To Feel Romantic and Loved

Of course the usual route of flowers, chocolates, and a homemade dinner is always nice but why not go for the unexpected and worthwhile? Instead of spending a ton on chocolates and flowers, why not do something creative? Pinterest is our best friend and solves every dilemma...No, literally, I consult it for everything, and not just wedding planning things.

For example, my boyfriend and I joined a competition at the gym to keep to a basically Paleo diet for six weeks and work out this specific work out regimen. Honestly, it was the hardest time in my life but I also do not regret it because I wasn't alone in the suffering, my boyfriend didn't take too fondly to it either...Anywho, being on this strict diet made it impossible to not eat out but to not splurge on our favorite foods (yes, not even one cheat meal a week - the challenge didn't allow us), so I consulted my BFF named Pinterest.

Did you know there are some REALLY GOOD recipes on Pinterest? Of course you did, but they also have amazing "healthier version" recipes. So, if you and your Valentine love chinese food, and don't really want to order in then have no fear, make it at home and feel less of the MSG bloat and guilt!

Pick a culinary adventure, buy the ingredients, and cook together! There's this amazing low cal, healthy version of orange chicken on Pinterest that I absolutely am obsessed with. Also, did you know they have coconut flour instead of regular flour? I certainly didn't until I went on that Paleo diet and to be honest, I never felt so energized or in shape in my life so more power to all of those people!

For That Long Term Commitment

Want to splurge on the love of your life more than just once a year? Look into a monthly subscription dedicated to providing the best of the best! The look on his face to find a present just for him EACH MONTH is really worth the while.

  1. Sprezza Box
  2. Dollar Shave Club

It's National Appreciation Day

Personally, I love all holidays but I don't always celebrate each holiday. Valentine's day on the other hand, is a day dedicated to appreciating your significant other and I feel like that's extremely important to realize. This special day isn't about buying flowers or chocolates or stressing out about gifts and surprises. It's a day to show your partner that after all of this time, you still care about them and no matter the day, you'll still always care about them.


Other Ideas That Are Definitely Worth The Minute To Look Into

If You Don't Want To Go The Usual Dinner and Movie Route Then Try These:

  1. Helicopter Tour Of The City
  2. Bungee Jumping
  3. Hot Air Balloon Adventure (Pretty Romantic If I Don't Say So Myself)
  4. Paintball! (Love, love, love this game)
  5. Romantic getaway is always nice but do it somewhere random and exotic! Like the mountains! (Florida girl over here)
  6. Ice Skating

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