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Holiday DIY Decorations


Volunteered To Host The Holiday Party At Your Home?

Thought You Would Have Time To Prepare But Now The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner And You Don't Know What To Do?

You Have Essentially Two Options:

1. Hire Busy Bee's To Take Care Of The Event OR

2. D(o) I(t) Y(ourself) aka DIY Holiday Decorations

christmas cranberries centerpieces

DIY Centerpieces

Don't leave your table looking empty without some holiday spirit! Do you have a few extra ornaments lying around and perfectly presentable pine cones lying on the ground outside? Grab them and add some greens from your Christmas Tree and cranberries from your kitchen and VOILA! You've got yourself a holiday centerpiece! These items can be submerged into literally anything. If you don't have a random shaped centerpiece looking object, you can use a small vase or a beautifully shaped glass bowl. Who's going to be able to tell the difference when your mind is focused on the amazing aroma coming from the kitchen?



DIY Holiday Centerpiece

DIY Napkin Folds

Pesky napkins won't fold correctly? Have No Fear!

We have attached a handy dandy image Napkin Fold How To The Images Attached! Just click on the images and you will be directed to the amazing tricks of the trade!

ornament wreath

Ornamental Wreath

Wreaths Can Definitely Get Expensive AND They Don't Last Forever! Well, now they can with your very glue gun and ornaments! Make your very wreath in just three steps:

  1. Buy A Styrofoam Wreath or Pipe Insulation
  2. Gather Ornaments/Baubles On Deck Or Buy Them Here
  3. Warm Up The Glue Gun
  4. Start Gluing Those Ornaments/Baubles starting from the very outside of the styrofoam (as shown in the photo)
  5. The Next Layer should be inside the strofoam, in the "o" section (also shown in the photo)
  6. Then It's Up To You


Wreath that will last forever and won't break the bank!

Is there really more to life?

Santa Claus Wreath

If you want to get craftier, we can always make that Santa Claus wreath in a matter of minutes, it's all in the preparation. What You Would Need:

  1. 50 tulles of white tulle, CUT to 15-inch pieces
  2. styrofoam wreath (12-inch to be exact)
  3. Santa Hat
  4. 3 inch long Ribbon
  5. Needle and Thread
  6. Pen, Hot Glue Gun and Scissors

For Instructions Click Here !



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