Is it customary to buy a gift for my fiance's mom?

Should I buy a bigger gift for my Maid Of Honor and not my bridesmaids?

Is it customary to have the bridal toss before or after the cake cutting?

Let me tell you something about customs, especially in this day and age, there is no such thing as keeping to a custom.

Customs are a thing of the past.

Everything is free game!

Of course, if you are a more traditional bride, traditional weddings are just as popular as always but brides and grooms are now really starting to mix it up.



For example, I once had a wedding where the bride absolutely loved her desserts and she wanted the cake cutting before any other food. And that is exactly what she did. She had the cake cutting after the first dance and she enjoyed the cake before anything else.

Another positive note to this early cake cutting idea is that traditionally cake cutting is one of the last formalities done later in the night and once the cake is cut, a majority of guests leave. Imagine what guests would do if the cake cutting was in the beginning? When will the guests know when to leave now? Guess they'll have to stay.

Another fun example of slicing that customs word in half is First Look! First Look's are always a sensitive subject. So sensitive, in fact, that I wrote a whole blog about it. Traditional brides do not even consider for a second a First Look but then again there are so many pros over the cons, it's definitely worth a second chance. ESPECIALLY if you want those PERFECT portraits in your living room. It's customary for the groom to first see the bride walking down the aisle but nowadays they see the bride in the first look and to this day, I have yet to hear a bride regret doing a First Look!



My answer to every "customs" question I receive from brides is simple:

How do YOU feel about it?

If you feel like it is a sweet gesture to buy a gift for your fiance's mom, then do it! If you cannot budget a huge gift for the Maid of Honor then don't do it! It's honestly all up to your personal discretion. I can promise you that this day is a huge and wonderful day and you should enjoy it, not worry about the customaries and traditions.

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