Of the many times I have suggested "The First Look," to a bride, it is usually followed by a blank stare and a disapproving look. The First Look is certainly a new and modern trend, and it definitely makes the traditional bride a bit uncomfortable and certainly skeptical AT FIRST but it is definitely worth thinking it over. I mean without the First Look, there will be less photos, and without a copious amount of wedding photos, did it really happen?

The most uncomfortable part of the First Look, for most people, is the fact that the bride and groom will see each other before the ceremony. Yes, before the ceremony. There. That's the part most bride's fear. Even though Blockbuster Hollywood movies have ingrained in our a society a thought that maybe if the groom sees the bride, there will be unfortunate events to follow, but it is simply not true. Hate to conflict with the movies (On that note** The Wedding Planner movie with Jennifer Lopez is not at all what it's like being a planner, just saying), but based on my work in many weddings, it is NOT BAD LUCK for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony and I guarantee The First Look is totally worth thinking about.



It's Actually GOOD LUCK Because:

  • You Are Able to Join Cocktail Hour with Your Guests (if you so choose)
  • You Are Able to Utilize the EXTRA time For Other Photo Ops
  • You Have More Photo Opportunities With Each Other AND Your Bridal Party AND Family (if you so choose)
  • You Even Have Time To HYDRATE and EAT
  • You'll Be Able To Maintain Your Perfect Make Up and Hair Despite The Weather 
  • You'll Be Able To Take Advantage of Great Lighting For Photos
  • This Method is Definitely A Stress Reliever Not Only For You But Everyone Involved
  • First Of All, The Pictures Are Absolutely Stunning
  • Most importantly, MORE time with the soon to be hubby!

The Process

The process truly varies based on the photographer but the most popular approach is:  After the groom has fastened his cufflinks and secured his boutinierre, he will be escorted to a designated spot chosen by the photographer. This spot cannot be determined until that moment because it's based on the time, the lighting and, sometimes, the unfortunate weather. One word: Florida. But once the groom is set, the bride finishes the last stages of her make up, and she will be escorted to a spot behind her groom. This is where we all scurry to hide behind anything so that the photographer gets the perfect shot. The bride will walk behind the groom and tap his shoulder and then he turns around and the moment he sees his bride for the first time is captured flawlessly on camera. And then the magic happens…

Just Think about it. A set place for the groom to see you gives the advantage to everyone involved. The photographers will pick a hidden romantic spot with that perfect lighting. The pictures will be flawless and it will be placed perfectly in the dining room where you will relish in the beauty of the "candid" scene for the rest of your lives.

In Conclusion

Once you move past the initial discomfort of knowing that your husband-to-be will be seeing you before the ceremony, you'll realize what a great timing opportunity this is. Just a disclaimer, I have worked weddings where the bride chose not to do the First Look and she still received amazing photos and didn't stress (that's mostly because she hired me 😉 ). But on a serious note, without the First Look, IT IS a tight schedule to get all of the photos you want done after the ceremony (aka family portraits, bridal party, extended family, etc), especially if you want to join cocktail hour.

Truly and dearly, I am a big fan of the First Look aside from the reasons above because I like to have the bride and groom at ease all day. I want them to be having a great time instead of worrying about small details, mostly becuase that is my responsibility, and I believe that the First Look definitely keeps the bride and groom at ease and that more excited to be married and partying with friends at the reception.